What is a neoclassical cabinet?

The neoclassical cabinet is considered the newest style of kitchen cabinet in the world. This cabinet style includes (Enzo cabinet, polished cabinet).

This style of the cabinet includes unique specifications, which we will discuss further. Neoclassical cabinetry is the newest style of kitchen cabinetry and may not be known to everyone, this cabinetry style is a combination of modern and classic styles.

As we said, the neoclassical cabinet has two sub-branches called Enzo and Polishing. These two cabinet models have differences in appearance, color, and price, which we will mention below.

Enzo neoclassical cabinet

Enzo cabinet (neoclassical cabinet) was first produced by an American company in New Jersey. It can be said that Enzo is the brand name of this company’s product.

It is interesting to know that the Enzo brand is the name of a brand of the kitchen cabinet system, which itself is part of the Zentique product line, whose field of activity is in the field of furniture, lighting, and decoration.

The thickness of the doors of this cabinet model is 25 mm and 40 mm, and the color thickness of this model is 1 mm. The color type of Enzo cabinets is polyurethane.

Polished neoclassical cabinet

One of the most popular models of kitchen cabinets is the polished cabinet, but this very attractive product is a combination of a classic carved cabinet next to a shiny polished color similar to white high-gloss, and it is a combination of modern and classic cabinets. The use of polished paint in this model has made the doors of the cabinets shiny.

The thickness of the color of polished doors is between one and two millimeters, and the diameter of the doors is produced in two sizes of 25 mm and 40 mm. The type of color is very sensitive in this type of decor, but we suggest you buy from reputable companies and get a high-quality product with peace of mind and benefit from warranty and after-sales service.

The polished cabinet is one of the latest kitchen cabinet models. This cabinet model includes several different types of doors, but the color type of all these models is polished color. This type of glossy color can be used mainly in white color. Ceramic handles are used in this cabinet model, and the neoclassical cabinet includes a crown and under-lights, and it benefits from its unique style columns. The columns, crowns, and under the lamp in this cabinet model include carvings and are so-called tools.

The difference between classical and neoclassical cabinets

The difference between classical and neoclassical cabinets

The question that many dear customers have is, what is the difference between classical and neoclassical cabinets? In this part of the article, we decided to have a glimpse of the technical and appearance points of classical and neoclassical cabinets and to share the differences and similarities of these two popular and popular styles with you dear ones:

The similarities between the classical and neoclassical styles are more than their differences, the classical and neoclassical cabinets are both composed of small components that include the crown, under the lamp, columns, and carved doors, and their material and style are directly related. Yes, you are right, these small components determine whether the cabinet is classical or neoclassical.

In addition to this, the type of cabinet color is our next determining point, for example, coating and polishing colors are used in neoclassical cabinets, and polyester and polyurethane colors are used in classic cabinets. Of course, apart from the type of color, the appearance of the crown, under the lamp, the carving form, and the tools of the doors, the appearance of the columns are decisive points. They also have other differences such as:

• Simpler cabinet design than the classic style

• Cheaper price than the classic wooden cabinet

• Easier maintenance and cleaning compared to inlaid cabinets

• More modern and up-to-date than classic kitchen cabinets

Advantages and disadvantages of neoclassical cabinets

If you are planning to buy a neoclassical cabinet, I suggest you don’t miss this part of the article, we provide you with information so that you know the advantages and disadvantages of the neoclassical cabinet before buying so that you can make an informed purchase, and I invite you to stay with us until the end.

Disadvantages of the neoclassical cabinet

Disadvantages of the neoclassical cabinet

• In this style, if low-quality color is used, the color may become dull. I suggest you buy from reputable and well-known centers so that you don’t face such problems.

• The neoclassical cabinet is vulnerable to sharp objects.

• The neoclassical cabinet is sensitive to humidity.

• The production of this style of cabinet is very sensitive and vulnerable, both in terms of engravings and in terms of the type of paint, and the production of this product is beyond the scope of small cabinet-making workshops because due to the depth of corrosion tools, the type of CNC machine is also important.

• If the cabinet door is damaged, it is not possible to repair and repaint it.

Advantages of neoclassical cabinets

• The neoclassical cabinet has high durability and resistance and has a long life.

• It is a combination of classic and modern cabinets and is one of the newest products in the market.

• Easy to clean due to the use of polyurethane paint.

• The presence of shiny colors in CNC cabinets can only be seen in neoclassical style and polished cabinets.

Thank you for staying with us until the end of this content. We hope that the information expressed in this article has been useful to you. For more information about the neoclassical cabinet, you can see the Asa cabinet.

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